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From: lluisripollquerol at (Lluis Ripoll)
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 00:12:55 +0100
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Good on you Dr. Ted ! and of course your pupil!, he has do what you  
always say!

In Spain we say that "Walking is learned walking", photography and  
many other things too

Congrats to this boy, I expect see more of he in the future

An smile and cheers

El 31/12/2010, a las 0:04, <tedgrant at> escribi?:

> Hi crew,
> A few interesting out of the mouths of the innocent! :-) Have a look  
> and smile.
> Early evening, dark, only street lights and passing car lights,  
> residential area.
> My 20 year old grandson Scott, better known as "WINK" rushed in the  
> house... "hey there's a crash at the corner, cop cars and wrecked  
> cars. G'pa where's your camera?"  His own camera a Canon T2i ? is in  
> the trunk of his car.
> Grabs my M8 set @ ISO 160! 21mm C/V lens and out the door. This is a  
> dark night obviously no flash because "G'pa" doesn't own one. :-)  
> Several minutes later he's back with some frames.... Oh yeah all  
> hand held!
> Me: "Wink did you change the ISO it was only set at 160! Did you get  
> anything?"
> WINK: " Oh yeah, the crashed front end of the taxi, a few close-ups  
> of the Cop in his cruiser."
> ME: "What shutter speed were you shooting at?"
> WINK: " I don't know, I was watching the light of the passing cars  
> as they lit the scene and was shooting when everything lit up!"
> ME: " Did you get anything with that little amount of light at ISO  
> 160?"
> WINK: "Oh yeah sure because you've always said.... READY GUYS? :-) "  
> If you can see it . You can shoot it!" :-) I smiled, this kid is  
> going to be a good one! :-)
> ME: "What  shutter speed? "
> WINK: "Some at 1/2 second. hand held!"
> ME: " WINK you can't get good pictures hand held at a 1/2 second  
> let's look."
> WINK:  " Nobody told me you couldn't do that, so I just did it &  
> shot!"  :-)
> OK folks have a look as it's not bad at night by  a neophyte without  
> experience. And several others like it all at slow speeds.
> A smiling G'pa :-)
> He has been shooting for several months B&W with an M6 so he does  
> know how to handle the camera. Accept nobody told him you really  
> shouldn't shoot at 1/2 second until you've got lots of experience  
> and even then? "YOU'RE LIVING DANGEROUSLY!"
> He is attending the local photojournalism college for photography  
> and writing .
> cheers,
> Dr. ted  :-)
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