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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Minus 16° C on boxing Day picture
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 19:43:13 -0800
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Jayanand Govindaraj offered:
Subject: Re: [Leica] IMG: Minus 16? C on boxing Day picture

> Philippe,
> Nice photo - but to my tropical eyes it looks bleak and gloomy. Thank
> heavens I am where I am, playing golf n the sun...
> Cheers
> Jayanand<<<

Aw gee whiz that's kinda mean Jayanand! ;-) Here in Victoria Canada on 
Vancouver Island we had some sunshine today, but mainly overcast. But nice 
mild temperatures around the 11 c. degrees and a few showers during the day. 
About 50 lus degrees for folks stil on non-metric measurements!

However? At the northern parts of the Island where skiers go for their 
sliding fun, they have had more snows in the past few days than for the 
total combined amount in the past 10 years!!!!!!!!   "INCREDIBLE AMOUNTS 

The tele has shown cars with about 5 feet on the roof tops during an 
overnight snow fall! Now I don't have a problem with snow fall as long as 
it's on Christmas cards and at least 100 miles or more from where I am. Or I 
suppose the fine pictures some LUG members post!

Yes of course as a Canadian I skied along with many "ski bunnies! ;-) I'll 
leave that to our imagination! ;-)  Played hockey on the high school team, 
but never really took to this getting yer buns frozen  part of winter. :-(

So in moving to the best part of Canada on Vancouver Island, where we rarely 
if ever get snow!  I love it here. In many cases we have flowers all year 
and it would be quite easy to cut the grass 12 months of the year. However I 
don't! I save it as a "what we might call a "SPRING RITUAL EVENT!" :-) Come 
some time about mid February! :-) Aaaahhh sorry, I shouldn't have said that 
as it might hurt the feelings of other Canadians on the mainland. :-) Yea 
love it:-)

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