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Subject: [Leica] Roses and Rose hips in Spanish Harlem. with Gourds (Pumpkins).
From: lluisripollquerol at (Lluis Ripoll)
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 22:54:52 +0100
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Very nice Mark, beautiful tones


El 05/11/2010, a las 15:18, Mark Rabiner escribi?:

> It was before Halloween. The war was over. And there I was walking  
> through
> Spanish Harlem clicking full frame pix on the way back from a Doc
> appointment. I thought I was in the Hamptons.
> Everywhere there were very classy very odd pumpkins spewing out into  
> the
> sidewalks. Which if they get odd enough are called "gourds". But  
> there were
> glittered and spray painted.
> My first pro level camera I got in 1972, I was 21. It was a very  
> good year.
> Instead of a Nikon F which would have been expected of me I got the  
> just out
> upstart Nikon F2. Eyebrows were raised.
> And instead of a 50mm 1.4 or f2 I got the just out with an article  
> in my
> Nikon magazine about it: 45mm GN 2.8 pancake blitz lens.
> So I walked around with that combination for several years.
> I carried with me wherever I went a set of Tiffin close up "filters"  
> 1,2 & 3
> Dioptor so I could focus closet than 3 feet which I often did.
> It stopped down to f32. Which I often shot it at in events. With a  
> Metz
> flash set at half power manual.
> F 32 and be there.
> I don't have to worry about thing to find one for nostalgia sake as  
> I never
> sold it. Still have it. I can still use it on an FM body I still  
> have. But
> not an FE-2 which I later mainly used. I cant use it on the new  
> digital
> cameras I don't think.
> But Mister Kobayashi in his wiseness but mainly coolness had the  
> whim to re
> introduce the lens for Nikon. And that happened right as I went  
> digital,
> getting a D100 in July 2003. The new 45mm P had been out since 2001.
> or/index9.htm
> Or
> I love normal lenses but a 50 on a 35mm camera is not normal. They  
> can feel
> like you're working with a short telle.
> The breathing space afforded with the 45mm lens I find quite  
> noticeable and
> useful.
> 43.4 is normal.
> And that fact that its a pancake makes the camera with lens fit flat  
> right
> in my Domke satchel bag.
> Its very non unobstreperous.
> I like it.
> I've returned home.
> Have found redemption.
> My MOJO is on the way.
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