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Subject: [Leica] OT Manual lens on 5DII
From: Frank.Dernie at (Frank Dernie)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 15:42:17 +0100
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Hi Peter,
I did not find the focus confirm light useful, probably because it is not 
easy to compose -and- look at the light. I am not sure I "believe" it 
I used the standard screen on my 5D but got a split image/microprism screen 
for my 1Dsmk2.
AFAIK typically microprisms and split image rangefinders "look through" an 
f5.6 aperture, so both sides stay bright with almost all lenses. Some 
removable ones have optional f4 prisms for better accuracy. None AFAIK are 
for f2.8 since centring the eye in the VF would be a trial, and the aid 
would not work with most popular lenses... This does mean that traditional 
focusing aids in MF cameras are not super accurate, compared to plain ground 
glass. When I was younger I had plain ground glass screens in all my 
cameras, and, indeed have a plain GG in my R8/DMR.
For some reason the screens on AF cameras do not seem to be as good as I 
would expect from a GG screen.

On 20 Oct, 2010, at 14:05, Peter Cheyne wrote:

> Not entirely a Leica topic, but it is partly.  I wish to use a manual 
> focus lens on my 5DII.  I have a Pentax SMC-A 50 1.2 and will buy an EOS 
> adapter mount for it.  One of these days I might think about getting a 
> Leica-R lens to use on the Canon.  I just wonder if getting a focus 
> confirm mount is worthwhile and if anyone here has any insight / 
> experience about this.
> My 5DII focus screen is the normal one that came with the camera and I 
> might well get another screen for use with fast lenses.  I know the usual 
> screen on the 5DII shows no difference between 1.2 lenses and those up to 
> 2.8, because it is designed for 2.8 and above.
> Peter Cheyne
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