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Subject: [Leica] Well I went and did it
From: lists at (Harrison McClary)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 17:34:44 -0500
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  Thanks all for the info.  Sounds like coding is not a big deal.  I, 
personally, could care less what the metadata says.  As long as the 
lenses focus and function properly I really don't care about all that 
other junk.

If it makes a big difference on the wides I may consider it.

As of now I am just looking forward on getting back to Tennessee so I 
can pick it up and play with it a little before I have to head back down 
here.  I'll bring it with and as long as there are shoots where I don't 
mind getting it out I'll use it some here.  Probably will stick with the 
1D's though simply because they are weather sealed, and have already 
gotten so much abuse that I do not mind beating them up more.  My once 
new 1DsIII now looks like a press corp ugly camera and my just bought in 
July 1DIV now looks 3 years old....don't want to do that to my M9 also. 
Salt water and salt air are hard on gear.

I did use my little G2 and Leica lenses on shoot where I was around lots 
of the public, it was so nice to not have every Tom Dick and Harry 
comment on my cameras.  That is one thing I hate about using the pro 
line dSLR's everyone wants to comment and talk photography...I just want 
to work and be left alone.

Well thanks again.  I better get back to editing, have to plow through 
my images and upload them so I can go eat then to bed to do it all over 

Harrison McClary

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