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Subject: [Leica] Well I went and did it
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 11:43:09 -0700
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There is a EBay person that is selling aftermarket mounts...... with the 6
bit coding divits.....  Code the new flange first... it is easier....Remove
your old flange ( 5 or 6 screws) replace the flange using your old screws.
Done in about 5 minutes......

Cost is about $50 each....different mounts for 5 or 6 screws, and 3
different focal length of 6 different permutations....

I have bought  with good focus results on my 21, 24, 28, and 35mm
lenses....  ( it is not exactly rocket science to copy a Leica M mount rear
lens mount ring.....)

His EBay name is .....  jieying-usa

Here is an example of his EBay ad.....  Ebay # 320557104791

I emailed Dave Elwell for the price on the o-fficial Leica mounts as
parts........ $150 each....   It they do the install, $175 total..... plus
the round trip shipping and insurance, which on a $3K lens is about $50,
each way..........  On  a per lens basis, that works out to $235- 275 for
each lens, dependent on insurance value........ or about $165 each if you do
your own remount....

As the Chinese copy seems to work fine, and I still have my old, non-coded
mount in case there were a problem, I saved a considerable amount ...

I use an M8 with the UV/IR filters on all my lenses......, so the coding is
more important to me than to the M9 user.....

Frank Filippone
Red735i at

I know of nobody but Leica for the o-fficial coded Leica mounts.

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