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Subject: [Leica] NOW..... Unacceptable camera LEICA S2.... :-)
From: grduprey at (grduprey at
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 11:02:13 -0500 (CDT)

If you have an extra $1500 laying around.  Photo Village is renting at 
$575/day.  Ouch!  Granted, I'm not a pro like Ted and Tina.  But would love 
to play with one...


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Subject: Re: [Leica] NOW..... Unacceptable camera LEICA S2.... :-)

But we could rent one for a weekend!

Mark William Rabiner
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] NOW..... Unacceptable camera LEICA S2.... :-)
> Hi Crew, :-)
> Given all the chatter about prints, cameras and stuff I thought I'd throw
> this in to add to the confusion. :-) And it's only Wednesday? It is isn't
> it? :-)
> Just had the thrill of a lifetime? ;-) Yep I can still have a twinge of
> excitement when a new camera is placed in my hands. And this one is a 
> really
> big thrill! Yep I know right now some of you are going to puke all over 
> this
> because of what you've heard about the Leica S2, as many did when the R8 
> was
> first announced! You know what?
> Hell I don't care if you throw your guts across the street simply 
> because...
> "if you haven't had this camera in hand, save yer breath!" It's a 
> beauty....
> unfortunately none of us are likely to have one, so get over it, let alone
> buy one!
> Cost? Bigtime OUCH as you all know. My understanding here in Victoria or
> Vancouver the BODY ONLY will set you back about $35,000 or more when taxes
> are added!
> Amazingly beautiful viewfinder, it looks BIG, actually even BIGGER than 
> BIG!
> :-) And with the 70mm lens on which is the standard size for the sensor
> size. No I don't know what the sensor size is, didn't ask and didn't care 
> as
> I wont be buying one in any event. :-) Besides for $35,000 it better be 
> big!
> :-) But damn everything looks huge! Brilliant viewfinder! :-)
> It doesn't feel heavier than an R8 with motor attached. Beautiful in hand
> machine for ergonomics. Maybe I could find a fairy God Mother some place
> given I always felt the R8 was the best in hand Leica SLR I ever handled.?
> ;-)
> Best thing?  "AUTO FOCUS!" Love it, fast and silent!  Now Leica are in the
> groove... just too damn bad with a lens it's over $40,000 with taxes! :-(
> Just thinking about that kind of money for a camera can give you 
> nightmares.
> In any event I thought you might like to know it truly is one cool camera 
> if
> you're a Leica SLR kind of person! :-)
> Oh and all that gabble about print identification you folks are going on
> about? plus itty bitty cameras etc. Please just go take pictures and get
> over it! Because if you haven't learned by now the only thing that matters
> first and foremost in a print is? THE CONTENT AND HOW GREAT THE PHOTOGRAPH
> See now I've reminded you about that part, don't you all feel better now?
> ;-) :-) :-) Have a nice picture taking day! :-)
> cheers,
> Dr. ted :-)
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