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Subject: [Leica] CIS ink brands
From: leicar at (Aram Langhans)
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2010 09:29:05 -0700
References: <>

I am getting tired of having at least 1 of my 8 inks on the verge of empty 
in my Epson R1800.  I can never print a large print for fear I will run out 
of one of the colors.  I have looked into CIS once before but was not 
satisfied.  But I am wanting to look again.  I see many cheap brands 
advertised and for sale in places like the E auction site, but am afraid of 
them for many reasons, mostly because I am not sure their ink will always be 
available and I would need to make a new profile with each bottle.  Also, 
cheap may mean clogging more often.

I have seen some more expensive ones, like Lyson, but that is almost too 
much money in the short run.  I have their sample prints and they look 
great.  Also, I would assume they will be around for a while and have a very 
consistent ink source.  No sure if there is a USA distributor, or if I need 
to go through the UK Marrutt company.

Does anybody have any recommendations on companies that have good stuff at a 
reasonable price.  Dependable and easy setup?  Easy maintenance?



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