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Subject: [Leica] Friday WTB: Cosina 12mm, 15mm M mount?
From: red735i at (red735i at
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 07:11:36 -0700 (GMT-07:00)

Stephen Gandy claims the Voigtlander lenses are not coded to be in 
compliance with Leica patents.  I think that is nonsense.... Voigtlander is 
almost as slow as Leica to come out with user friendly options ( see M mount 
lenses!)  But Zeiss also does not code its lenses... so maybe it is true....

See :
for info on coding the Zeiss 18 with Milich.....say an additional $150

The Zeiss 18 may be a good choice, but I have never handled nor shot one of 
them....but the finder is supposed to be excellent...and the huge LEica WATE 
finder is a piece of ... well... garbage..... it distorts terribly.  Really 
terrible.  Did I mention how big it is?  

I have never tried a separate 18mm Leica FInder.  But for $800 it had better 
take its own pictures!

The finder at 18mm is pretty critical.... you need something.  So the price 
of the Zeiss is the lens ( about $1200) plus finder ( about $400) plus 
Milich coding ( $150)   The leica is $3500 plus finder ($800 Leica, $400 
Zeiss)  or the WATE complete for about $3500 ( I think you said....)

The WATE is most flexible, the Zeiss cheapest, the Super Elmar most $$$ and 
probably the best, optically.

My $0.02??? Get the LTM 15mm Heliar for $300 or so, and try it out.... you 
can sell it later for $300 if you do not like it or decide to get a 
different lens.... Super Wides are pretty weird lenses, and some never get 
the hang of their use.... besides, how many time are you going to use a 15mm 
lens?  It is not like it is a "normal" lens.....

There, I said it.  I am now going up to my room.


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>Subject: Re: [Leica] Friday WTB:  Cosina 12mm, 15mm M mount?
>Oh, an unfocused case of GAS is frustrating.
>Yes, the LTM versions from Cosina are dirt cheap, and yes, perhaps best 
>for usage on the M8 with coded adapters, although may be a nuisance with 
>UV/IR filters.
>The WATE is looking like the best and cleanest option, although not 
>Also, the Zeiss 18mm Biogon is looking really good, although may be 
>tricky to code.
>On 7/24/2010 12:51 AM, red735i at wrote:
>> Finders are separate for the M mount lenses.... they were free with the 
>> older LTM lenses.....
>> One disadvantage of the M mounts... they are not 6 bit coded...... and I 
>> am not sure they CAN BE 6 bit coded.....
>> A reason to use older LTM technology, and get those coded LTM-M 
>> adapters.....and save a few bucks....
>> Now the UV/IR filters are a whole other problem.....
>> Vick..why get the Leica 18mm ?  Coded, filter available, price not all 
>> that bad...?
>> Frank.....
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