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Subject: [Leica] [IMG] Nice day around Kagamizu
From: geordiepete211 at (Peter Cheyne)
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 00:22:01 +0900

It's been so hot and humid here this summer.  Recent weekends see me  
staying in, lazy, with the curtains drawn until 2 or 3 pm.  By this  
time my seven year old daughter near at her wits' end begs me to go  
out and play.  So, I rustle up a late quick lunch, grab a camera, a  
lens or two, and we go out for the rest of the day.  This is our too- 
hot-summer weekend routine.

Today I put her on the back of my bicycle and cycled to the river.  I  
brought my Canon film EOS and 400/2.8 (not an easy rig to balance on a  
bicycle shopping basket) with 2x converter to photograph some birds  
while she made friends with other kids cooling their legs in the  
river.  On my 10th shot, I caught some real beauties, you should have  
seen them, but then I realized that there was no film in the EOS body  
(I wanted to shoot slide instead of digi, and thought I put film in  
the old EOS last night).  I had my daughter's Canon S90 in my pocket,  
so I took some photos of her by the river, then of a river shrimp that  
some other kid's dad had fished out. As we were about to get back on  
the bicycle, Maria noticed a rainbow on a stone, cast by sparkly  
plastic on the cycle spoke.

Back home for a few minutes, I replaced the heavy, long lens rig with  
my M8 and 35 asph 'cron and headed out again.  Where in the world did  
my angel want to go, the sky's the limit?  MacDonalds, of course.  One  
Happy Meal later and we rode to the local play-park where we whizzed  
off some extra energy.

On the way back home we saw some interesting clouds, some buddhas in a  
barn, sunflowers, and a beautiful magenta-pink lily.  Yes, I did have  
the IR-cut filter on my M8's lens.   Back home in Kagamizu Village we  
saw some pretty sunset scenes with mists rising from the forested  
hills.  I squeezed these moments into a 23 second slideshow, but at  
least a couple of photos should be removed from the set, and I can't  
choose which.

One pair, towards the end, is of a house the other side of a stream  
valley, surrounded by forest hills and a sunset.  I took it in  
portrait and landscape aspects and can't decide which I prefer,  
although the portrait version shows the stream better.


Thanks for looking,

Peter Cheyne

(Any C&C, including which photos to drop, welcome)

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