Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2010/06/13

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Subject: [Leica] Canon f .95 to Micro 4/3
From: red735i at (red735i at
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 14:59:45 -0700 (GMT-07:00)

The one I had was in LTM......  but possibly it was the TV lens.... not a 
still photo lens.

Sold it years ago for about $120, and figured I was ahead of the game.....


>The Canon f.95 50mm lens was mounted to the LTM Canon 7 camera but it did
>not use the mounting threads. Rather it bayonetted on a mounting flange
>surrounding the thread mount. This was so that the entire 39mm opening of
>the LTM mount would be available to pass light from the very large rear lens
>element. Canon advertised a special AB body mount which screwed into the
>threads of an LTM camera and provided the lens flanges required to mount an
>f.95 lens. There is no easy way to mount the lens on a standard M camera
>without constructing a special mount. However the lens can be mounted by
>using an AB flange mount screwed into a 50mm Leica LTM to M adapter.