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Subject: [Leica] Fixing a flippy-floppy Leica ever-ready case on M8
From: geordiepete211 at (Peter Cheyne)
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 22:53:26 +0900

        I bought an ever-ready case to allow me to carry my M8 with lens in  
my daily or weekend bag.  I was rather hoping that it would be as good  
a case as
the ever-ready I use for my M6, but it isn't quite so good.  This is  
mainly because the top-front cover does not snap off to leave a snug  
fitting half-case.
The top-front cover can be unscrewed from the tripod thread, but then  
what I hoped to be a half-case is not secured.  I wanted the half-case  
to add grip,
as the M8 covering is more slippy than grippy.

        I fixed the half-case to the baseplate with double-sided sticky  
tape.  The USB port and the baseplate latch can still be reached,  
because I put double-sided
tape only in the centre section of the half-case inside bottom.  The  
shorter left and right sections flip downward to allow access to the  
USB port and the
latch on the base-plate.  The left and right sides of the half-case  
don't flop down unless pulled because they are held in place by the  
strap 'D's attached to
the lugs.

        Just thought I'd share this with anyone out there who might have the 
ever-ready case and wishes it didn't have the problem I mentioned  
above.  Without the
double-sided tape fix, the case is a cumbersome all-or-nothing case  
that is only useful for when the camera is in a bag or otherwise not  
needed for ready use.
With it, you get a grippy half-case.

Peter Cheyne

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