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Subject: [Leica] Problem with new to me M8
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 01:47:45 -0500

> M8 Prototype or not, I had/have the option of buying a M9 and decided that
> in MY financial picture, it was not an option.  The M8 is as good as I can
> or will be able to afford.  Yes, I threw on a third party 2 year warranty.
> I am sure I will need it.
> Respect both the financial as well as the technical values to choice......
> Frank Filippone
> red735i at

Coming up with seven grand for a camera is certainly not something I've been
able to fully pre visiouaize yet. Making this happen is going to be a bit of
a trick and whatever it is  up my sleeve I've not found it yet.
So I have nothing but empathy for someone telling me they don't got seven
grand for an M9.

But I don't see it all all like "I have 7 grand for Leica's lasted tweak in
its M system.:  which it almost sounds like the case you're making here.
This is not a tweak over an M8.
It's a new beginning on solid ground.

Mark William Rabiner

Yep that's my little statment here and I'm sticking with it.
The M9 is a new beginning on solid ground for Leica.
A new digital M beginning. And an entirely more viable one.
But this is not an idea I'm going to be able to claim for long like I
thought of it or something. Its going to be the common consensus that's out
there about it by the whole photographic community.
I don't think the next step up the M9S or M10 whatever is going to be this
dramatic. Or critical.
I feel the M9 for Leica is as miraculously critical for Leica as getting out
Leica's first digital M was. The M8.
As miraculously critical for Leica as getting the M system out after the
Screw mount Barnacks. Totally critical for Leica's survival.

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