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Subject: [Leica] Leica User Forum book - update NOW TIME FOR TINA
From: images at (Tina Manley)
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 17:45:17 -0500
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At 05:19 PM 12/17/2009, you wrote:
Well now Tina my dear, :-) a simple suggestion as an ever loving 
friend! :-) You guys realize it may save my life trying to be nice here. ;-)

>1/ A couple of your fabulous images could've been made ready in June 
>and put aside with only a click of the mouse to send for the LUG 
>BOOK! :-) Jim would've smiled in June or July to receive them! :-)

That's only if you are very organized and also know you won't make 
any better photos for the rest of the year!!  I'm only halfway 
through editing the photos from Peru and I always think my best photo 
will be in the next batch.  If I don't finish Peru now, they will be 
out of date next year and I'll have to look for 2010 photos!!

>2/ The donation you made takes but a minute or two. Or may I suggest 
>you delegate that one to Tom! ;-)

Hah!!  I don't tell him about spending any money, even donations.  He 
gets very depressed and starts talking about cash flow and taxes.

>3/ Having used some form of this organization you then would have 
>time for the cookies, obviously a must for any Mom and Grandmom! 
>Irene just finished 5 dozen short bread cookies. They are so good, 
>however I've been warned off with threat of death if I get my 
>fingers into any than the few she gave me. :-) That is until 
>Christmas when I shall once again receive my fair rations of a few. ;-)

I'm making Lebkuchen - our favorite cookies.  They do take awhile to 
make but they last forever.

>Oh and the gift wrapping? Hey not a word from me to tell a woman 
>anything about wrapping Christmas gifts! You are completely on your 
>own as I make my comment after 60 years of wedded bliss during 
>Christmas time gift wrappings! Its just like in submarines.."Run 
>silent. Run deep!" Added "Not a peep, your life may depend on it!":-)

I think I'll end up ordering everything online and having it 
gift-wrapped there.

>Now there you go eh? I'm just trying to be helpful during a 
>stressful time of the year. :-) Have a good one!

Thanks, Ted!!  Merry Christmas!


Tina Manley 

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