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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Roads, Trucks and BBQ
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 14:54:43 -0500

> Hi Hugh,
> Do your negatives look like the scans? Are they overexposed?
> If so, I'd experiment with adjusting your Sunny 16 rule now based on your
> results.?I would suggest playing with your shutter speed or aperture?rather
> than your film speed as that will give you more flexibility to meet varying
> conditions. For example, if you want shadow detail with a bright
> background,?you might want to underexpose by only 1/2 stop. If you're in
> bright conditions and not too worried about the shadows, try under 
> exposing by
> a full stop?or even more.
> If your negatives look good but the scans don't, that's a different story.
> Keep doing what you're doing and find somewhere else to scan. Best case is 
> to
> scan yourself, but that may not be possible for you.
> And please know that?I never meant to?imply stop shooting or stop posting. 
> As
> I said, your images are fascinating; a part of the world I'll never see 
> except
> through such images as yours.
> Best,
> Bob
> ?Bob Adler
> Palo Alto, CA

A tricky one Bob as we knew from long experience that a real dark neg makes
for a real light pic but people don't really know that unless they've had
some real experience in photography.

And even if the negs were way over exposed by two stops in most cases it
takes two seconds to tweak them to perfection in Photoshop or even a lesser

Mark William Rabiner

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