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Subject: [Leica] IMG: FF M9 does Palm bloom
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 07:04:17 -0500

> A friend suggested that my photos are often posted too small. I shot this 
> M9
> Friday flower for the LUG 20 minutes ago as the sun went down on a steamy
> Spring Friday here, in my back yard.
> Since the TIFF of the file is over 100MB, I thought we might settle for
> reducing to 25% and mid jpg compression. I think still around 400K so 
> beware
> if you don't like larger images.
> This is at f/2 (playing with OoF) and only the flower stem is sharp.
> Interesting

910 x 1,368 is the size I get from this image!
I'm for efforts to make photos like this for the lug to look at bigger.
Higher rez. Not low rez.
A meaningful rez.
Just a day ago someone posted some images from the idisk thing and I'd never
seen that before nor was much aware of it.
this worked quite will you just click on it and download an in this case
FULL SIZED IMAGE from a Leica M9 and I forgot which lens!
This is the kind of thing that people spending 7 grand on a camera and about
as much for a lens would find meaningful to see. Images of a resolution
which might justify such purchases; or the  thoughts of such purchases.
Knowing what we are thinking of paying for.
Typically I'm more interested in the exif  than I am in an image at such low
Because the images month after month are just way too low rez to know much
about other than their subject matter.

This a nice smooth image here I'm more fond of  such plants than I am of
most flowers. Nicely composed and crafted.
The twigs in the foreground are soft I'd not have opted for 2000th of a
second but stopped down another stop or two and made sure my focused was on
the front.
Perhaps this thing was blowing in the breeze justifying the 2000th of a
second. A shudder speed I'd use for trampolining or dirt bike races.

The light is great always a main thing.
And in this case the interesting idea of the immediacy of the image.
The fact that it was up on the internet for us to see before the pixels had
a chance to dry in the camrea I find meaningful. Or I just like it.
Its what a digital image wants to be and do. Turned over.
Be seen in minutes or hours
Not days or weeks.

After a day perhaps they should go on sale like day old bread. Or given to
the poor and starving.

Fresh pixels served hot and fresh! That I like.

Mark William Rabiner

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