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Subject: [Leica] Success!! (partial anyway)
From: richard.lists at (Richard Man)
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 00:48:48 -0700

So I got a 4x5 enlarger, then found out that the guy only has a 35mm
diffusion chamber in it. Oops. No biggie, bought a 4x5 diffusion
chamber off Ebay for $40. Then a 105mm Rodenstock from Adorama for
$80, and a set of neg carriers (35mm,6x6,6x7,4x5) for $130. All of the
sudden, the $250 enlarger is adding up fast :-)

Since none of the above has arrived yet, I made a home made 6x7 neg
carrier out of cardboard, and devil be damned and use the 35mm
diffusion chamber (which illuminates just the center circle). Set up
my darkroom again and pop this in the my homemade carrier:

In my previous darkroom foray, I bought the RH Design Analyzer Pro,
which is basically a F-stop timer with a spot meter. Click click and
it says, grade 0 for (12 seconds). Did a small 5x7 test print. Soak it
in the Nova processor, and 2 mins later it looks too flat. So couple
clicks on the Analyzer Pro, changed the paper grade to grade 1, set
the filters on the enlarger, put in a 8x10, and a few mins later, a
really nice 8x10 came out. Man, no grain, smoothest tonal range. I
love this stuff. With the 35mm chamber and 80mm lens, it's only a
partial picture. I will scan it in on a flatbed tomorrow after it

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