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Subject: [Leica] M3 DS what's it worth
From: jshul at (Jim Shulman)
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 15:56:34 -0400
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In my opinion, YES!  However, it depends on the definition of "overhauled".
If someone who knows these cameras well, such as Sherry Krauter or DAG, it's
a great deal.  "Overhauled" is sometimes an abused term, along the lines of

Remember that any 50+ year old camera will need an overhaul to operate at
optimum performance.  The difference between a "dry" (old, un-overhauled)
camera and an properly overhauled is the difference between a two-minute egg
and a three-minute egg.

Jim Shulman
Wynnewood, PA

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Subject: [Leica] M3 DS what's it worth

 Is a recently overhauled, clean looking  (new leatherette etc.) M3 DS body
(with frame selector) worth $699?

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