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Subject: [Leica] Leica Won't Improve Your Photography
From: henningw at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 21:23:13 -0700
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>Quoth the Doug Herr :
>>  Tina Manley wrote:
>>  > The prejudice against Leica is astounding to me.
>>  A lot of it is sour grapes.  Joe CaNikon doesn't grok so he disses
>>  it.
>And, to be fair, there are an awful lot of non-LUG Leicaphiles who
>are, shall we say, less than sterling examples of the kind of grace,
>humility, and information-sharing that we've all become used to in
>the saloon.
>When Joe CaNikon's primary experience with Leica is that the average
>user attached to the camera is an arrogant ass with more money than
>eye and more attitude than ability....  he's not going to look fondly
>on the camera.  Sure, it's an unfair transference, but it's not all
>that unreasonable.
>I love the lenses, I like the cameras, and I could drop a fair number
>of users off a very high cliff without doubt, hesitation, or loss of
>sleep... and, I suspect, at some considerable gain to the
>photographic world.

I would come visit you with some trepidation. I don't have a fear of 
heights, and don't mind standing at the edge of high cliffs. Being 
pushed off them is another matter.

However, I did enjoy your site, and visited a number of links; eg, 
Anita Brown's stuff. How is her stuff related to your's?


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