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Subject: [Leica] Leica Won't Improve Your Photography
From: leica at (R. Clayton McKee)
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 22:45:25 -0500
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Quoth the Doug Herr :

> Tina Manley wrote:
> > The prejudice against Leica is astounding to me.
> A lot of it is sour grapes.  Joe CaNikon doesn't grok so he disses
> it.

And, to be fair, there are an awful lot of non-LUG Leicaphiles who 
are, shall we say, less than sterling examples of the kind of grace, 
humility, and information-sharing that we've all become used to in 
the saloon.

When Joe CaNikon's primary experience with Leica is that the average 
user attached to the camera is an arrogant ass with more money than 
eye and more attitude than ability....  he's not going to look fondly 
on the camera.  Sure, it's an unfair transference, but it's not all 
that unreasonable.

I love the lenses, I like the cameras, and I could drop a fair number 
of users off a very high cliff without doubt, hesitation, or loss of 
sleep... and, I suspect, at some considerable gain to the 
photographic world.

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