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Subject: [Leica] One thing that really annoys me about Leica...
From: joelct at (Joseph Low)
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 15:26:40 +0800
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The actual cost of manufacturing a good quality spectacle frame by an
OEM is probably less than Euro25 per unit - but slap on one of those glizy
Or Italian Brands - and they retail at Euro 250 - 350 in the prime shops of
Street in most fashionable capitals

So I reckon Leica is taking the same road ? You pay for the name 

The same formula is today applied to many fashion houses that suddenly turn
arrays of sophisticated (sic) time pieces - that use just basic mass
movements - then sell them to high society for outrageous prices 

I buy most of my basics from mail order houses - good quality stuff priced
lower than
High Street minus the glitz and garish names


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Subject: [Leica] One thing that really annoys me about Leica... not the price of their cameras and lenses. You get a premium  
product and pay a premium price.

But the little plastic bits!!!

I just picked up a second-hand 35mm Summicron ASPH. I have decided  
that since the 35mm is the focal length I use the most, I want the  
very best Leica lens in that focal length. The lens came from KEH  
without hood and caps. I have plenty of spare rear caps and even found  
a front cap in 39mm size lying around, but of course what is really  
needed, especially in our sunny climate, is a lens hood. to  
look at prices at various dealers...100 pounds at Harrison Cameras in  
the UK!

Screw that! I ordered a metal hood from heavystars on ebay instead for  
the grand total of $22 including shipping to Spain. If it as nice as  
the one I got from him for my 50mm Summilux, then I will have no  

Oh, and just to show my disdain for colour schemes: my M8 is black,  
the Summicron is chrome, the lens hood will be black. So there!



Nathan Wajsman
Alicante, Spain


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