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Subject: [Leica] French Caf é Women
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2009 01:40:59 -0400

I have a shot of Leica in Wetzlar shot through the golden yellow arches next
door. I almost even didn't do it on purpose..
The first set of golden arches I used  to go to as  a kid after playing
touch football. I grew up in Northfield it was 20 minutes SW from us in Des
Plaines, Illinois, USA.
We never got the burgers just the fries.
My fries and I all took fries very seriously.

I also was a patron of the very first Starbucks.
And Walgreen's. (the oldest one maybe not the first)

All of which I'm sure will be at the top of the Eiffel tower by the time I
get there.
I'll get the fries with a latte. Maybe a green river from Walgreen's.
Capitalism I'm mainly for it. But it gets ugly.
But wish all my childhood hangouts on the North Shore of Chicago had not all
been turned into Starbucks. As well as anything anywhere else.

Mark William Rabiner

> From: Douglas Barry <imra at>
> Reply-To: Leica Users Group <lug at>
> Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 01:10:40 +0100
> To: Leica Users Group <lug at>
> Subject: Re: [Leica] French Caf? Women
> "Kevin Argue" <kargue at>
> Just got caught up on looking at photos. Nice photo
> with the Rolleilex except
> for one thing, McDonald's in the background. What a way to ruin a
> french slice of daily
> knife.
> <<<<<<<
> Thanks Kevin, I'd like to say that was an ironic comment on the
> pervasiveness of US cultural imperialism in the form of the McDonalds 
> arches
> undermining European architecture - and in particular the dix huitieme
> siecle architecture of Bordeaux, while, at the same time, sabotaging
> European culinary identities and subsuming them under a monolith of burger
> blandness, but that would be wrong. I happened to have the camera on the
> table, saw the elegant women, and took the moment of discussion in the
> moment!

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