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Subject: [Leica] D-LUX4: the straight truth!
From: philippe.amard at (Philippe AMARD)
Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 11:03:35 +0200
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Thanks Rei
very informative and proves wrong the rumour that Leica won't allow Pana 
to brand the G1 lenses as Leica because of on board adjustments ...
There must be other causes then.

The white stop line on the right hand side also tells a lot about the 
difference between JPG and RAW frames

Thanks again

Rei Shinozuka wrote:

>i'd heard about the Leica software correction logic in the 
>D-LUX4, where the screen and JPGs and included software correct
>for distortion.  out of curiosity, i used an open-source raw converter 
>(libraw) rather than the bundled software to see what actually comes out 
>of the camera.
>i shot images with camera set to store both jpg and raw, then
>converted the RAW (RWL) without the bundled software.
>in the RWL, the barrel distortion is clearly visible (ignore the other
>sharpness and contrast settings, i didn't try to make an exact
>match between RWL and JPG.  the raw is also a little more loosely 
>that some writing is visible on the bus at the extreme left on
>the RWL-derived image, and not on the jpg.  from what i've read,
>the software correction may do other enhancements, but i haven't
>found these as apparent as the barrel correction.
>direct jpg from camera:
> at N00/3541195208/
>rwl (RAW) converted:
> at N00/3541196214/

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