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Subject: [Leica] Friday for sale "A very good buy!"
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Fri Feb 20 16:04:04 2009

The sale you film lovers have been waiting for: 


We have 2 R8 cameras equipped with motor drives and the charger for the
motor power pack available for a give away price of.$1250.00USA 

plus shipping. That price is for both cameras and charger! 


This equipment is in excellent working condition and general appearance. In
other words they are not wrecks!


If you require a picture I suppose we could have it shot and sent. Quite
frankly that's a pain in the ass because it really isn't necessary when it's
one member of the family selling a piece of gear to another. And a
reputation is at stake for honesty. However!


Basically each camera complete with motor is $500.00 USA and the charger
which you require for the motor drive power pack is $250. So buy both and be
away ahead when film really comes back in the groove! :-) 


I don't think you'll find a better deal. Basically all the R gear and lenses
are for sale, as it's become quite apparent I can no longer see through
them. :-( And impossible for me to use any longer. Be my guest!


Quite frankly we just want to get rid of all this stuff because it's of
absolutely no use around here. :-( It makes me sick trying to look through
the view finders and? Well what the hell, I've seen enough of life through
camera view finders for a hundred men and women! But that's life when you
you become 80! Payments can be personal cheque or Pay Pal through my son
Scott's account.  Lens inquiries welcome.


Please e- private for any enquiries. Thank you.


Dr. ted 


Ted Grant Photography Limited

1817 Feltham Road,

Victoria BC V8N 2A4


Ph.   250-477-2156.






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