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Subject: [Leica] IMGs: wherein I go Outside
From: jbm at (Jeff Moore)
Date: Sat Feb 14 22:39:39 2009

I've always preferred Inside to Outside. I mean, I'm not crippled with
agoraphobia or anything -- I have to pass through Outside whenever I
travel from one Inside to another Inside, and I have to go Outside
several times a day to empty Ted the Dog and allow him essential doses
of sniffing and romping, so I do.  But, aside from occasional jaunts to
go slide down snowy mountains, it just hardly ever occurs to me to go
Outside as a destination in its own right.  Whenever I imagine a cozy,
enjoyable situation, it's Inside.

And as for taking pictures -- mostly I like taking pictures of people.
Usually inside.

On a recent jaunt Outside with Ted the Dog, though, the light was just
so great -- you know, gently overcast so all the colors are saturated
and there aren't those terrible hard glary bright patches and hard black
shadows; overcast in a nice warm way, not that depressing bluish-grey
way or weird watery winter-light way -- that I just had to go back
Outside with an M8 and an R8/DMR and a few pieces of glass to take
photos of Outside things.  Not even people or the dog.  Here are those


P.S. A reminder about the great user interface on this SmugMug-based
site: if you just start with your web browser covering as much of the
screen as possible, then open the URL above, then make sure the browser
has focus and you type the letter "a" (for "Auto"), the first image will
be shown in the largest of the available sizes which fits properly
withon your browser.  Then just use your keyboard's right and left arrow
keys to go forward or back in the set.

I love that.

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