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Subject: [Leica] Re: Higher education - was unsubscribe
From: glehrer at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Wed Feb 11 19:40:31 2009
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Lawrence und Sonny

'Pears to me that everyone wants their piece of the pie.

I'm not suggesting that they also want to deny you your piece, but
the pie is so much smaller.

For example, I am only allowed to work (and charge) six hours a day.
That is a 25% cut.  Since now I am considered only a part time worker,
I get no holiday or vacation pay.


Lawrence Zeitlin wrote:
> On Feb 11, 2009, at 1:56 PM, Sonny wrote:
>> Sorry to hear about your situation.  Here at NSU, they cut most 
>> adjuncts,
>> and are not hiring anyone to replace retirees or folks leaving for other
>> reasons, like death do us part.
>> If the stimulus doesn't pass with aid to higher education, then the cuts
>> will be even more dire.
> --------
>> Anyhow, at least your environment is become\ing more target rich for the
>> kind of photography you like to do.  Good luck to all of us in higher
>> education, and everyone else too.
> Sonny,
> I feel your pain. But the Federal government funds less than 10% of 
> public higher education except for work on direct government 
> contracts. Most of the cost is borne by states and municipalities. The 
> decline in funding is caused because most states have had their income 
> sharply reduced and have set their priorities elsewhere. Too bad since 
> most colleges will soon need to replace a large portion of the senior 
> teaching staff - i.e. those who started teaching during the Vietnam 
> era. I have been through funding crises a couple of times. The usual 
> procedure is for the college to offer early retirement to high paid 
> senior staff in order to offer teaching and staff jobs to younger 
> people at half the salary. But in one case during the Ford presidency 
> my employer, the City University of New York, totally shut down during 
> the Spring semester, forcing all the professors into the unemployment 
> line. You may recall that this was during New York's financial crisis, 
> locally similar to what the entire country is going through today. The 
> newspaper headlines read, "Ford to NY - Drop Dead!" The pressure from 
> the families of students denied graduation or advanced degrees was so 
> great that the state legislature was induced to restore funds the 
> following year, forcing a marriage between the City and State 
> universities. Still professors were required to defer a portion of 
> their salaries for several years.
> If it makes you feel better, Harvard has lost nearly 40% of their 
> multibillion dollar endowment during the crisis. Even top notch 
> endowment managers make stupid mistakes. I wonder if they got bonuses.
> Larry Z  (Professor Emeritus, Graduate Center, CUNY)
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