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Subject: [Leica] Monster High-tech 50mm 1.4 from Sigma and everyone else -distortion
From: hopsternew at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Sat Feb 7 23:35:10 2009
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Mark for your interest, I put a vernier caliper on the 35 Summicron
ASPH. and the Elmar 24 for you. Both lens with their standard factory
supplied hoods as that is how I use them. The body diameter is almost
identical, the 24 is all of 1/4 inch longer, WITH the hood which is suitable
for film and sensor M's. That superb compact form factor is what you are
buying with the (nearly) 2 stops difference. Where its form really shines is
that its objective area is the same diameter as the rest (unlike the Elmarit
24) and the screw-on metal hood is a very efficient shape. Only the last 1/4
inch (approx) of the hood is larger diameter and that does not protrude into
the finder area as much as  (the one on) the Elmarit. In fact I find the
internal finder completely usable. I am speaking about on the M8.
By the way the Summicron 28 ASPH. is again near identical diameter and
actually the same length (without its bulkier hood) as the 24. Considering
that one is a Summicron that is a truly remarkable design. On the M8 you can
easily use a much more compact circular hood if desired.
Really really nice that the filter thread is 46mm like the 28, the 50 ASPH.
The new screw-on metal hoods too are excellent designs. They use external
threads, although you could still use the filter thread if you wanted.
Screwed on though they are very secure, very compact, enclose the UV/IR with
no penalty and the one on the 24 at least indexes perfectly with a click.
You need to buy them separately with the Summarits but they are included
with the more expensive models.

Now start to get excited about a new Elmar f/3.8 18mm to be announced in
March.  Anyone want to put a beer on that prediction ;-) I feel my spidey
sense tingling; or is it technolust??
Don't forget Mark that all of these superb lenses work perfectly on a full
35mm size image circle. No compromise, no crop circles! I'm shooting my 24
on my M7 for fun this week with some Provia. Stand by for some scans down
the track.
'Licence to Chill'

2009/2/8 Mark Rabiner <>

> Except we expect an SLR lens to be big.
> They CAN be big.
> They don't get in the way of the viewfinder nor throw off the balance of an
> SLR or DSLR camera.
> I submit a rangefinder lens really needs to most the time be on the small
> side. Like the size of a 35 Summicron ASPH.
> And I don't think I'm thinking of this like its a new idea. I think lots of
> people have thought and felt this way for a long time.
> We now have a 24 made by Leica which is roughly the size of a 35 ASPH
> Summicron. For me that's a BIG step in the right direction from Leica.
> Some fast glass is great but the must useful glass for me on an M is going
> to be compact first.
> With me.
> And unobtrusive and light.
> I also light compact glass for cropped digital DSLR shooting from day to
> day.
> Mark William Rabiner
> --

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