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Subject: [Leica] Neopan advice--Tina Manley
From: leicar8 at (tm)
Date: Sun Jan 11 14:36:05 2009

I highly recommend using Microdol-X to process your Neopan. If it is Neopan 
400, process it diluted 1:3 at 75 degrees for 18 minutes. This will result 
in retention of all highlight and shadow details, making printing easy. I 
also use the aforementioned processing details for Delta 100, Acros 100, and 
Tri-X at 400. Dick Gilcreast of the Leica Historical Society mentioned this 
in an article of the Society's Viewfinder Magazine years ago, and it is 
wonderful! Last year I captured some images of people gathering at a very 
informal movie premiere, all wearing bright white t-shirts in bright 
sunlight, with my 90mm APO/Aspherical 90mm-M lens and Acros 100. I processed 
the roll of Acros in undiluted ID-11 (identical to D-76) and the t-shirt 
highlights were blown out, showing no detail whatsoever. (I used the ID-11 
that time because I was out of Microdol-X.) I've captured images of children 
and cats and dogs during the last five years in various lighting conditions, 
including outdoors in bright sun and indoors with my Metz flash, and 
Microdol-X always gave and gives me easy-to-print negatives with details 
completely intact. 


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