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Subject: [Leica] Re: ION Scanner
From: glehrer at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Sun Dec 28 12:50:58 2008
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What am I getting into?  A scanner that you say  that "no actual 
scanning is involved"!!
Am I just spinning my wheels?

BTW,  I had one of those Honeywell Slide duplicators a while back. I t 
had a strobe
for illumination during the exposure, Racked to it was a Pentax with 
bellows and  a
Takumar copying lens.  I could do FAR better than 1 to 1 copying.  I 
used it with
B&W, film,  colour print film and Kodachrome film.  I bought it from my 
surplus store for $20,  when the photo lab went digital.  I think the 
device was called

Leica sold a similar, but more elaborate British made  device called the 
Illumitran Mk 35.for the Leica Reflex.


Lawrence Zeitlin wrote:
> On Dec 27, 2008, at 11:29 PM, Geoff wrote, re Jerry's request for info 
> on the ION scanner:
>> Jerry I tried to Google ION scanners to see if I could help. I got a 
>> rather
>> unexpected result! Is the present giver your parole officer??!!! ;-) 
>> Make
>> sure you put the 2PC in the search everyone.
>> Once I found some info on the film scanner (not the cocaine 
>> scanner!), it
>> looks like it is nearly automated. One of the new generation using a 
>> digital
>> camera sensor and meant to be really simple to operation for the average
>> home user. It has simple photoediting software with it which should 
>> work for
>> to start you out. I would make myself a new folder for scans on my 
>> computer
>> and just try a few scans on full automatic. It sounds like the default
>> settings will give you a scan suitable for a print up to maybe 8x10 or a
>> file you can downsize if you want to post photos on-line.
> A few decades ago we used a device called the Heiland Slide Copier to 
> make duplicates of 35 mm Kodachromes. Basically it consisted of a 
> small copier stand with a lightbox, a 1 to 1 copying lens, and a SLR 
> camera body. When everything was set up, the camera was loaded, a 
> slide was slipped into the carrier on the lightbox, and the shutter 
> snapped. You could buy similar gadgets incorporating a fixed focus 
> lens for imaging movie frames on roll film. The ION seems to be much 
> the same thing except that a digital sensor substitutes for the film. 
> The scanner, really a digital slide duplicator since no actual 
> scanning is involved, is sold at many electronics stores and is 
> available for less than $100USD. The ones I have seen have about a 5 
> megapixel sensor, adequate for 5 x 7 prints but marginal for anything 
> larger. There is no provision for digital dust removal or ICE so the 
> slides to be copied must be pristine. Also the software appears to be 
> PC only - frustrating us Mac users. Still, if you are not too 
> particular, the ION or one of its several workalikes might be just the 
> thing for very occasional digitizing of slides.
> Larry Z
> _

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