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Subject: [Leica] Focusing screens
From: wildlightphoto at (
Date: Wed Dec 17 07:38:44 2008

David Rodgers wrote:

> Most digital camera manufacturers probably feel that their laser-guided,
> heat-seeking autofocus is so good that you really don't need to worry
> about seeing anything for yourself. Just point, shoot and place your
> complete trust in the electrons that are racing around inside the body
> -- communicating, coordinating, and doing their thing -- all at the
> speed of light. 

It certainly seems that way.  On the more affordable models the viewfinder
is best used as a general guide to pointing the camera in the right
direction, and even on the 1Ds I briefly used the viewscreen wasn't much
use as a focussing screen.  All this is fine if the photo you have in mind
was pre-envisioned by the camera's programmers, but if the photo you want
to make doesn't follow the "rules" programmed into the camera, you're in
"work-around" mode.

But then, who wants to make unique photos?  It's safer just to repeat
what's already been proven successful.

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

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