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Subject: [Leica] (no subject)
From: leicar8 at (tm)
Date: Mon Dec 8 11:24:40 2008

Stolen Leica camera tension!

My father's M2R was stolen from his unlocked Camry a year before he died 
five years ago. I was frustrated inasmuch as I loved that camera and he 
guaranteed it would pass to me when he died. Well, since his death I have 
searched eBay for M2Rs periodically and never saw a matching serial number. 
However, yesterday I found that someone was selling one but they only posted 
the first three digits of the serial number and the image of the front and 
top of the camera was too small to reveal it. I suddenly developed 
apprehension upon determining that the seller is based 5-10 miles from my 
parents' home, across the San Francisco Bay, and I sent the seller a request 
for the actual serial number at 2:00 p.m. yesteday since the three numbers 
they gave matched my father's. With the sales invoice from 6/10/1971 
($263.75) and the police report about the theft on my home office desk, I 
checked several times yesterday for a response but none came. The seller 
finally responded this morning and my apprehension dissipated. Here is the 
difference between the serial numbers:

Stolen:     1249081
Seller's:    1248981

Weird, huh? Meanwhile, the search continues!


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