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Subject: [Leica] Yearbook NOW DIGIT!! :-) AND NEW GEAR!!
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Wed Dec 3 14:05:55 2008

Gene Duprey offered:

Subject: RE: [Leica] Yearbook NOW DIGIT!! :-)


>>Well Ted,  After my purchases during our Europe vacation, Santa has me
crossed off his list this year... My wife has been talking to  him and has
had my name crossed off his list.  It is my understanding my name is off his
list for the next millenium.  ;-)<<<


Gene my next book should be "How to get expensive Leica thingies!" Without


Key chapters will cover "how to do it while she's looking at Lady things in
the store across street." :-)

And certainly, the main chapter on, "How to do it while she's in the camera
store with you!"  That chapter alone will be worth every dollar of the book!


Look, after being married 59 years and a bit, while buying and using Leica
gear there are some "World Trade Secrets" in how to do it and get away with
it that can be learned only through years of experience. :-) :-) 


There's another very good chapter on how to plead sheer idiot simplicity as
in, "when you are challenged and caught with a new lens or body!"  :-(
"Really? Your sure? (You can't look sheepish and guilty at this point!)  

I thought it was from the old Leica bag?" Smiling of course like a cat!
Lot's of practice required to get a way with this one!!!!! :-)


It's best to throw all boxes away immediately, don't even take them out of
the store to be on the safe side. Also any new paper work. 

Put the newly acquired piece immediately in your bag and some day about a
couple of months later you empty the bag almost at her feet and look like
you are having a "Clean Gear Moment." :-) Don't even flinch, just carry on
as though it's the same old bag of gear! Carry on cleaning and replacing to
bag. If necessary carry on some kind of "weather" related subject to cover
her thoughts of paying too much attention to you.


Now if you are very very very very lucky :-)  you will have established the
new lens or body right in her face and returned it to the bag. :-) When
finished put it away in the same old way. Then have a wee dram of a fine
single malt scotch to relieve the tension in your body knowing you got away
with it! :-)


Now see how easy it is? :-) :-) 

Just ask the old campaigner! :-) 


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