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Subject: [Leica] LUG - Way over my budget...
From: leica at (R. Clayton McKee)
Date: Sun Sep 28 20:05:19 2008
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Quoth the Jan Decher :

>  Is there a Leica list for analog only, classic Leica users, where
> the newest gear is not necessarily the best?

That'd be us. (well, not "analog only" but for damn sure "analog 

Welcome aboard, let's talk.

It's THAT time of year again and  we're all drooling over the 
potential new toys a lot of us can't afford, can't justify, or value 
our loving family relationships too much to buy (imagine a thousand 4-
year-olds with an FAO Schwarz catalog)...  but if you just wipe your 
monitor off before you read and give it a couple weeks to settle 
down, you'll find probably the greatest living assemblage of analog 
rangefinder talent AND general-purpose picturemaking skill in the 
world on tap right here, delivered straight to your computer as often 
as you like.   (Along with, of course, generous helpings of war 
stories, tall tales, and other forms of ... call it "entertainment")

You got questions, we got answers.  You got answers, we got 

(We also got people who can provide Non-Leica advice on Single Malts, 
Hats, vintage cars, musical instruments and equipment, stereo 
systems, pipes and cigars, other forms of alcohol, boats, trains, 
planes, modern musical groups, book publishing, firearms, dogs and 
urban kitty rescue, the fine art of levitation, and Dog only knows 
what else.  I can also personally contribute an entire range of dumb 
looks and smartass comments as needed...)

We don't have a zoologist yet, however, though we DO include some 
really fine critter shooters, so there's a place just waiting for 
you. (We could probably use an entomologist now and again, too, if 
you know any...)

My personal kit includes (among way too many others)  a pair of M4P's 
that go with me everywhere (one of which has been carefully trained 
not to accept anything but HP5) and a poorly made but much loved Kiev 
4AM with FP4 for fun, and pride-of-place-because-newest, a gorgeous 
zeroimage 120 panoramic pinhole. (I have a bunch of other stuff I use 
when needed.  I don't collect cameras, I just seem to acquire them.)

The darkroom's got a 23c and a 45MCRX (which may be older than I am, 
I'm not sure... it's the old battleship grey model)  and a freezer 
full of film and paper of various shapes and sizes...


R. Clayton McKee                 
P O Box 571900                           voice/fax   713/783-3502
Houston, TX 77257-1900                   cell phone #  on request

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