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Subject: [Leica] your basic end of summer shot
From: hoppyman at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Tue Aug 26 17:47:12 2008
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It's a GREAT shot.
Leica glass isn't afraid of the sun in the frame! But no you certainly
wouldn't want to have to clone it out.
Your eyes are the best horizon indicator once you can see the image on your
big screen. And I almost never get my horizons straight!


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Subject: RE: [Leica] your basic end of summer shot

Hi, Geoff

You are right about the horizon.  I put the grid on it while processing and
it looked OK...not sure what I thought I was seeing.  The new Nikons have a
"horizon indicator" and maybe that is all that will save me.  Unfortunately,
the top of the clouds included the sun.  I know I could clone it out, but
even I have some principles.  Thx for the kind words and help.


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> Ken that is a magnificent set of clouds you've got there.
> Your first offence is that I wasn't with you, with suitable cold drink
> nearby.
> Your second offence is that I would love to have seen the top of the cloud
> mass included. However I can see that you needed the foreshore part in
> your
> frame. If you have any room in the full frame you could easily
> horizontally
> compress slightly if you want to preserve a particular ratio. (move the
> near
> shoreline up). I don't think the crop is that critical though in this
> case.
> The exposure, however arrived at looks more than fine to me.
> My second impression after a WOW at the light, is that the shot needs
> about
> 1 degree (guessing cos I usually miss by about that much) clockwise
> rotation.
> However that impression is partly because the water on left appears to
> slope
> down. In fact I think it has a very subtle curve in relation to the far
> shore, which is probably exactly accurate. But the thicker band of land
> there exacerbates the perception. Depends where your eye settles as the
> level reference. I just measured it and you can set your horizontal via
> the
> water line or the skyline, being about 1 degree CW or .5 degree CW
> respectively.
> Did I mention WOW?
> Cheers
> Geoff
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> Subject: [Leica] your basic end of summer shot
> We have the world's most ordinary little lake, so I gave it the full
> treatment yesterday.  HDRI (hand-held at least), plus a little Ektachrome
> 100G via Alien Skin Exposure 2.  This is the way I would like to see it.
> Was this wrong?
> Ken

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