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Subject: [Leica] leica to rebadge canon dslrs - Canon wide angles
From: cummer at (H&ECummer)
Date: Fri Aug 22 11:24:46 2008
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Interesting that in the wide angle basketball shot example Galbraith  
was using a Nikkor 14 - 28 G - ED f2.8 zoom. When I had a Canon 5D I  
tested my Leica R 28 f2.8 against the Canon 24 f1.4 - both at f2.8  
and infinity and the Canon corners were mush compared to the Leica's.  
I think Canon sensor technology is far ahead of its wide angles both  
fixed focal length and wide angle zooms. I admit not having used any  
for the last couple of years so the latest wide angle offerings may  
be better.
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Leica to rebadge Canon SLRs??
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> Really?  Funny but I do not think Nikon has a camera that can touch  
> the
> 1DsIII.
> Look at this article on the 1DIII versions and be sure to look at the
> samples, especially the wide angle from the basketball game.
> I have been lusting after that 1DsIII since it came out. Looking at
> this link and reading the article really makes me want it now. It is
> obvious the image quality of that body really is second to none. Look
> at that basketball shot and the extreme crops and th detail in them!
> Chris Williams wrote:
>> Ha, figures. A 2nd rate camera maker striking a deal with a 3rd rate
>> camera party. Nikon's got it in the bag now!
>> Chris