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Subject: [Leica] Is Lightroom 2.0 Really Shipping?
From: henningw at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Thu Aug 14 15:42:00 2008
References: <>

>Me too. iView/Expression seems to be going nowhere at the moment. The
>combination of Lightroom and CS3 covers all my needs.
>On 14/8/08 15:30, "Tina Manley" <> wrote:
>>  The cataloging has improved so much with this upgrade that
>>  I'm switching over to LR instead of iView for cataloging my
>>  photos.

I've used iView since it was a young shareware kid and when it 
started being better than Portfolio; since Microsoft took over it has 
essentially died. It won't read DNG's and various other 'new' 
formats, so it's become useless for me.

I still have some jpeg catalogs, and still use it to catalog video 
clips, but in the main it's become irrelevant.

Lightroom has gradually grown, and now does cataloging well enough to 
make it the main application for that purpose.

I haven't tried it lately, but one problem with using Lightroom as a 
main cataloging application (was/is?) that it objected strenuously to 
having items moved. iView is a lot better in that regard; it's very 
easy to reconnect catalogs to moved media.

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