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Subject: [Leica] Touring Arches National Park?
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Sat Aug 2 07:29:36 2008
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For film, I suggest something that is NOT Velvia like.  Velvia likes greens.
In August or Sepetember, there is precious little green in the Southwest.

For print film, something like Fuji low contrast film ( NHS or Reala).  The
contrast in the Southwest is high.
For Slides, a saturated film is appropriate.  Colors are subtle and you need
to pop them.

You will be walking a bit in the middle of the day as well as sunup or
sundown.  The middle of the day will be very contrasty with what seems to be
12-13 zones of light.  Tough on any film.  But the reality is that unless
you go bowling in nearby Moab. You will be out there and taking pictures.
So you need a low contrast film for those situations.  It will not solve the
problem, but it will help.

B+W film.... for sure.. either Tmax 100 or Ilford Fp4+ developed in Pyro.

Filters.....   Everything will be red toned.... so the series of light
yellow through orange through red would be appropriate for B+W.  For color,
a nice polarizing filter is good to have and would get used.

And did I mention that most of the really great light will occur in the
early and late part of the day?  So bring a tripod....  exposures can be
quite long....

Do't go to bed until the light is GONE.  That last light is magical........

Frank Filippone

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