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Subject: [Leica] RE: Another Door Closed to Photography
From: imagist3 at (Lottermoser George)
Date: Sat Jul 12 18:31:26 2008
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A-a-h-h the good old days
I remember them well
and fondly


Fond regards,

On Jul 12, 2008, at 6:52 PM, Ted Grant wrote:

> It's too bad I can't find a story I wrote for one of the upcoming  
> books of
> shooting on the "wild side!" :-) And I could just block, copy,  
> post! During
> the 60's. Oh I'm so organized as you know, but it'll turn up one of  
> these
> days. :-)
> But to offer a tiny bit of what it was like I'll try to give you an  
> idea of
> a few of the assignment photo projects I worked on without a piece  
> of paper
> in my pocket confirming whom I was shooting for. If there ever was a
> question my answer was simple. "Please phone this number in Ottawa  
> and it
> will be confirmed. Thank you!" Truth as I type this. no one ever  
> called, but
> took me at my word! That's when the world of photo-realism and  
> believing
> people was at its best.
> Chinatown, Vancouver BC Canada. two weeks average 18 hours a day  
> shooting
> everything possible day after day and not one questioning comment. No
> threats, no negativism at all!
> Hundreds of rolls of film. The Courts, hospitals, stores, street after
> street of people  and never a negative look nor word.
> Steel mill: Hamilton Ontario Canada. Walked in talked to the Public
> information office. this is who I am and this is what I'd like to  
> do. "OK
> Mr. Grant we'll do a walk around with you so you know where to go  
> and we'll
> assign a mill attendant for safety, but the place is yours! Would  
> it be
> possible to get a few snaps later?"  Obviously the answer was  
> always. "For
> sure!"
> A documentary on the automotive industry of Canada. a two month  
> assignment:
> Ford, GM, Chrysler the whole works, plant after plant. Same open  
> space the
> place is yours! Never a question nor complaint!
> Some of my first medical documentary assignments: . open hospitals  
> without
> any problems. Not one single piece of paper or negative  
> questioning. It was
> always positive. Damn it was such a beautiful simple caring society of
> people!
> Laser weapon development. UK
> No problem. However in this case there was some diplomatic  
> organizing, but I
> had the run of the place for a couple of weeks.
> Off shore oil exploration and in the far northwest Yukon areas of  
> Canada. No
> releases, no "you can't go here or do that or show this!" Two  
> months day
> after day everything that went on and not one person said no,  
> because it was
> a documentary of their work and lives as rough necks in the Oil  
> Patch! Or
> off shore exploration from ships.
> It was truly a time like no other when people trusted each other and
> to be a photojournalist documenting the lives in almost every  
> imaginable
> avenue of life was incredible.
> The documentaries of subjects housed in the collection of my  
> 280,000 images
> held in the National Archive vaults of Canada is an amazing  
> collection that
> today would be extremely hard to repeat, if at all possible.
> It's a shame the trust has been lost due to probably many factions of
> society to blame any one situation.
> But it is a shame as the societies of the future are the losers and  
> that is
> a shame.
> This merely touches a few photo projects and I trust it gives you a  
> slight
> look through the window of time at a world when it was simple,  
> honest and
> caring. A beautiful time to be a photojournalist. God I loved it so!!
> ted
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