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Subject: RE: [Leica] Señoritas and children, Sant Jordi Day
From: luisripoll at (Luis Ripoll)
Date: Thu Jun 12 13:55:24 2008
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Hi Ted,

Today I had the time to read and follow your good analyse and comments, and
I have just to say, you are right on all your comments. 

The comments about 1 & 2 are IMO technically, on this aspect unfortunately I
don't have the skills on Photoshop to dodge & burning areas, this is
something I've started to look to learn it after I've read your comments.
I've do it many years at my wet darkroom, now I should try what can I get
with the bits.

Concerning the kids picture I've read your comment with an absolutely
confident and big smile to you. You make me laught when you said the we are
our worst editor, but there is another reason, sometimes we .., I, have a
picture on my mind and when I see it I don't look to it with the eyes of the
analyse. I've liked the light, the look..., OK, but as you say, into the
crowd I haven't the best view.

Thank you for your always kind advice, this really help!

Saludos cordiales


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Luis Ripoll showed
Subject: RE: [Leica] Se?oritas and children, Sant Jordi Day





c%3c> <<<<


Hi Luis,

OK here we go! :-)


Good looking gals, however? For more impact? Crop the left side barely into
the hair of the girl on the left and remove the high light on her hair. This
allows a brighter face and concentration on the girl in the centre who?s the
main attraction of the photograph.

I?d also crop some of the bright tent top or certainly burn it down to cut
the distraction of the big white area. This also makes the girl in the
centre stand out more. And I?d try a slight dodging of her face to very
slightly lighten it up so we can appreciate her smile more. She is after all
an attractive senorita! :-)


The girl on the left has some papers in front of her face
 maybe a moment or
two before or later and they wouldn?t have been there
 it?s little things
like this that make or break a photograph, they again are a distraction!
Particularly in this case because they have a highlight of sun and it
catches the eye for no reason other than it?s a distraction! And covering
her face! :-(

I might have cropped it slightly on the left to remove the man at the edge
of the frame. 

Actually you could take the lady out also as this concentrates the eyes
right to the three senoritas which is the main body of the photograph.

The lady on the right, her back highlight? Burn this area down slightly
also, as it helps hold the eyes into the frame better.


OK given there must have been hundreds of kids around that would?ve made
better pictures than these three kids I don?t see nor have any idea why
you?d choose it?  Shoot it? Due to the emotion of the moment?

First, your eyes almost pop right on the bright highlight on the lady?s
shoulder to the right side of the photo! It should?ve been burnt down much
darker because it?s nothing more than a complete distraction .

By the way, what are the boys looking at? Your picture angle would?ve been
much better from the other side. However, I do realize you couldn?t move
quickly in the crowd to do so.

I find the big head in the lower right corner nothing more than a
distraction. And there isn?t any way it can be cropped to save the picture,
if it were worth saving! Honest opinion? This picture isn?t worth saving
giving what we know of your wonderful ability as a photographer. I can only
imagine the light on the boys face was some kind of attention element, but
it?s not making the picture!

We are our own worst editor when selecting the pictures we use and I think
that is the case here. Maybe partially an emotional attachment for you
because you were there in the crowd shooting. Hey we all go through that as
photographers, some time for the good. Unfortunately many times for the bad,
as our emotions affect our selection of images. And we end up selecting from
emotion and not the best photos!


We look at a small segment within a photograph and that becomes the picture
in our mind. We lose the overall look of the image because our mind?s eye
only concentrates on a small part and not the whole image. This makes us
believe the overall image looks great without any cropping or dodging.
Therefore we use the picture even though it isn?t the best. 

Honestly I would like to know what you really feel this photograph shows? Or
the reason you shot it?





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