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Subject: [Leica] Favorite Non-Leica-Leica Lens?
From: sethrosner at (Seth Rosner)
Date: Wed Jun 11 15:43:02 2008
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C'est un d'execrable salaud, ce petit espece de marc  :-(

J'imagine que tu as plaisante avec marc.

Si non, 'junk', c'est du bric-a-brac. 'Whore', je suppose tu comprends = 
putain.  'twittlings', c'est une fabrication marcaise (si je peux le dire) 
jamais entendue en anglais

marc very small has a pathetically weak, undeveloped ego; for he seems to 
need always to  demonstrate how intelligent, educated, experienced and 
high-born he is, and compounds his arrogance by constantly belittling and 
gratuitously insulting others. A lawyer friend of mine in North Carolina 
checked him a few years ago and told me that it seems he has a very modest 
law practice.

At the annual banquet of the Leica Historical Society in San Francisco two 
years ago, for no reason whatever he insulted our administrator, an 
invaluable woman who had helped me plan and organize the meeting, as I was 
then president. She reported to me after the dinner that Marc's wife had 
apologized to her saying that he often misbehaves when he has had too much 
to drink.

Autrefois, il aurait ete le gant dans sa figure et pistolets a vingt pas!

a la prochaine, Didier, et merci d'avoir ecrit!


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From: "Didier Ludwig" <>
To: "Leica Users Group" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 5:27 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Favorite Non-Leica-Leica Lens?

> Marc
> I can absolutely not follow your explanation of the coherence between 
>  and Cosina, junk, whores and twits. Can you explain 
> that a bit more factual?
> Seth,
> Blocking junk from twits might be a quite useful solution. What I am 
> concerned, I selectively believe my english is too bad to understand 
> certain posts.
> :-)
> Didier
>>I had fogotten how nice it was not to have to read such intemperate 
>>rubbish - see below. Forgot to block the small one when I resubscribed to 
>>the LUG. It is done.
>>>Thanks, Didier.  Note that your link is to This is more Cosina 
>>>Rollei -- the guys in Braunschweig -- have never made a Leica M lens. 
>>>They have permitted the ultimate whore of companies, Cosina, to use their 
>>>names for some of their own twittlings.
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