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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Yosemite too... and Raw exposure for dynamic range
From: pdzwig at (Peter Dzwig)
Date: Mon May 19 03:09:16 2008
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It's a very difficult question. But, as we are talking of Yosemite, remind 
yourself of the dynamic range in Adams' prints of the place...and at times 
his extraodinarily subtle gradation of tone. In both the gradation of tone 
the handling of highlights B&W film can outdo present (mainstream) digital 
technology, which after all was designed to handle colour which is where the 
market demand is. We are often very fond of pointing out on the LUG you see 
different things with the two.

A B&W Digital camera would be an intersting but technicvally different 
particularly if it were to get into trying to reproduce film quality.


Geoff Hopkinson wrote:
> We are looking at a web representation of Aram's photograph of course. And
> I'm still very jealous that Aram was there with waterfalls bursting and
> magnificent light everywhere. My usual long winded technical comment was
> trying to say that, in that HDR based jpg, the highlights and darks were
> clipped (highlights suffered especially) and my example is of a fairly
> contrasty shot with info preserved there in both by careful single exposure
> and processing.
> BW is an important area and of great interest to me too. Marty over here,
> whose technical expertise I greatly respect, is convinced that digital
> capture can't equal the highlight range of bw film for subtlety and detail.
> To the extent of total possible dynamic range, I understand, especially
> regarding the tonal curve from film vs. sensor. Yet the quality and
> flexibility of the Raw capture for me is so superior (and considering the
> limits of the print media) that in my mind there is no contest. HDR ought 
> to
> make that better again in the right circumstance and technique. The HDR 
> guys
> should keep on putting in the hard yards and convincing us. Boy the 
> pressure
> will be on when I take my M8 to Yosemite!
> Cheers
> Geoff
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] IMG: Yosemite too... and Raw exposure for dynamic 
> range
> Aram,
> I tend to agree with Hoppy. The HDR doesn't do much at all on my screen, in
> fact 
> it tends to make the image appear dull, presumably because you are pulling
> back 
> areas which would otherwise be blown or close to blwon. I can see it 
> working
> in 
> some circumstances, possibly in B&W it might prove very worthwhile. Here
> though...
> Perter Dzwig
> Geoff Hopkinson wrote:
>> Hi Aram,...I looked carefully at your HDR example of the falls. You guys
> haven't convinced me yet on HDR. (I haven't tried it for myself). I get 
> that
> the principle is that you are trying to increase the recorded dynamic range
> by combining exposures and I can see that the falls shots is a very
> contrasty scene. Bu the highlights (water) and blacks are still clipped 
> here
> (as shown)...... 
>> Geoff
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>> Subject: [Leica] IMG: Yosemite too...
>> Bob.  Liked your photos.  I just got back from Yosemite, too.  We were
> there
>> from April 28 To May 2.  Wasn't the weather just great?  Here are a few
>> shots of Yosemite falls I took.
>> html  Just love that dead tree.
>> The first one was using the HDR of Photoshop.
>> I'll be posting more later.  Just got back 3 days ago from a long return
>> home.
>> Comments and criticism welcome.
>> Aram 
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