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Subject: [Leica] Schneider & Kaufmann shattering news
From: photo at (Nathan)
Date: Thu May 15 12:36:48 2008
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We may be reading different interview, but as far as I can tell he  
makes a pretty strong statement about future DSLRs from Leica.

As for the full-frame M, who cares? From what I have seen, the  
current 1.37 M yields wonderful images. What is so holy about the  
35mm format? Was it written down on the tablets on Mount Sinai or  

I will happily stack up my tiny 4/3 images against anything I did on  
35mm film in the past.


On 15-mei-2008, at 8:59, Mark Rabiner wrote:

> of-leica.
> html
> In this interview with Jason Schneider at RIT Andreas Kaufmann  
> shatters a
> couple of very key assumptions or opinions I have about Leicas very  
> much
> needed direction.
> Imagine no full frame digital Leica rangefinder.
> Imagine no digital R body.
> The second because our new Top Leica man seems to feel that a DSLR  
> needs to
> be AF.
> A very very wrong feeling in my opinion.
> Imagine whirled peas.
> That's a whole lot of very bad news in one interview.
> Very bad PR.
> If I was the boss I'd fire myself on the spot.
> The R lineup of glass is nothing to cough at.
> The R system needs and deserves a compact R digital body.
> And so does the world.
> Including me!
> I'd buy one. I'd buy two! How about you?
> I don't need AutoFocus;
> I AM AutoFocus.
> I focused my 24mm Nikkor 2.8 lens down Broadway for three miles  
> tonight from
> 62nd to 110. On a Nikon D40x.
> A whole lot of DSLR shooting is done with the AF turned off or with  
> older AI
> lenses not just by me but by a lot of serious non Leica loving  
> people I
> know.
> R&D needs to be continued to bend those little image grabbers at  
> the ends of
> the CCD sensors inward so a lens right in the sensors face can be  
> used right
> out to its intended image non crop circle on a digital M.
> And they should make for for a  Hasselblad superwide while they're  
> at it.
> A high end imaging company investing into crop circle formats  
> strikes me as
> a highly questionable paranormal eyebrow raiser.
> Within 9 months with Nikon and Canon both in heavy competition  
> bringing the
> prices down a huge movement will be created to anyone with the  
> slightest
> pretensions to shooting a quality image to shooting 24x36 format.  
> Kids at
> RIT for sure. Anyone with a bigger than letter sized inkjet  
> printer. Ebayers
> who need to be shooting with the perceived latest best thing.
> The idea of Leica M glass coasting thousands of USD each only being  
> used in
> its middle area is going to seem very off beat wacky in the year 2009.
> Can half frame film cameras compete against full frame cameras?
> Not in the production of quality images.
> Which means
> BIG PRINTS. And smaller prints and images made at very high ISO's.
> Imagine Leica modern mediocrity.
> Hasselblad went AF became it was bought out by a high tech company  
> with
> little empathy and touch with Hasselblad tradition and it customer  
> base.
> No heart. Hasselblad is dead.
> I expected more from what's happening now with Leica.
> I thought I was looking at some heart.
> You gotta have heart.
> Mark William Rabiner
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Nathan Wajsman
Alicante, Spain

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