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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Yosemite and Sam
From: rgacpa at (Bob Adler)
Date: Sun May 11 19:19:30 2008

I finally developed and scanned the Hasselblad shots of Yosemite Falls from 
last month. The two I liked are here:


Tech stuff: HV & Ilford FP4. The last image was taken with the 350/5.6 and 
2Xe: the trees to the right are probably 30 feet high to give you some idea 
of the magnitude of these falls. Really amazing.

Went back this past Friday. another exhausting day: 18 hours and 463 miles 
(took a couple of wrong turns). These are all from the M8:

View from Glacier Pt.:

And we found this barn at the end of the day down an old dirt road on the 
way out of the north gate:

Both the last 2 images are blends of 3 and 5 images processed using HDRI. I 
use Photomatix rather than CS3 as it seems to result in a bit more realistic 
I decided to use this technique because the light, especially at Glacier Pt. 
was really harsh. Using it for the barn also worked well as the sky was 
quite bright even at the end of the day...

Finally, Sam:

C&C are always really appreciated,

Bob Adler
Palo Alto, CA

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