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Subject: [Leica] Square Film Format for the R10
From: tomschofield at (Tom Schofield)
Date: Sat May 10 16:02:06 2008
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It would be logical thst some of the lenses are designed for a  
slightly larger image circle than 42mm, so that the corners will  
perform better, but not substantially larger.


On May 8, 2008, at 12:49 PM, Mark Rabiner wrote:

>> Hi Luggers,
>> One time lugger, Ray Tai, now participating, I think, at the
>> Rangefinder forum, has used some Leica R lens on the Hasselblad Xpan
>> ( 24mm X 65mm). None of them have an image circle to cover 65mm but
>> the 35 Curtagon comes closest. Ray noted that there was very little
>> fall off at the edge of the R lenses' image circles (like the R28)
>> and he thought that some older style lenses had larger image circles
>> than some of the later models. Leica needs something to differentiate
>> it from the excellent DSLRs from Canon Nikon and others and going to
>> a square format - no more vertical and horizontal shots - like a mini
>> Hasselblad - could be a way to do it. I wouldn't be at all surprised
>> if they go square format - reinventing the 35mm format which Oskar
>> Barnack is credited with starting (even if he wasn't first). Older
>> lenses, if they do have a larger image circle might become sought
>> after and suddenly more valuable. I am keeping mine. Look at what has
>> happened to the price of Visoflexes with the M8. Photokina is going
>> to be very interesting. I am going and hope to lay hands on an R10.
>> Anybody else going to be there??
>> Cheers,
>> Howard
> Why though form an engineering optical design logical standpoint  
> would Leica
> all these years be producing lenses which are up to spec way out  
> twice the
> size of its image circle?
> Seems like bad design to me.
> Or weird design.
> Or just plain weird.
> The specs are just not going to be there very many millimeters out  
> of the
> 43.3 crop circle. They're not going to be there because they didn't  
> have to
> be.
> Mark William Rabiner
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