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Subject: [Leica] Leica R-10 at Photokina 2008
From: henningw at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Fri May 9 00:25:23 2008
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At 12:12 PM -0700 5/8/08, Ted Grant wrote:
>Did anyone think to just ask Leica the answer to this ongoing guessing game
>and get an answer?

Dr. Kaufmann, in his speech in Rochester last fall, said..

...imagine a camera with a sensor larger than 24x36.
...what follows an R9? Something will be shown at the next Photokina.
...autofocus has to part of Leica's future.
...think of a lens faster than an f/1 Noctilux.
...Leica will be announcing 24 new lenses within the next year.

These were things that he said, and were reported from that meeting. 
All this seems to get forgotten, again and again.

Reasaonble conclusions are that an R10 - this SL idea is a dud - with 
a larger than normal 24x36 sensor will be shown, with a line of 
autofocus lenses. Not 24 new lenses for the R, because he 
specifically said that some lenses would be for the M line, and not 
just the Summarits. Any current lenses that cover larger than 24x36 
reasonably would maybe have a new mount made for them, or made 
available, or be useable via adapters, and the shorter lenses would 
be new.

Some older lenses might cover larger than 24x36 (not the f/6.8 
Telyts; they are marginal for 24x36) and are possibly adequate for 
larger format digital, but there won't be many. Digital is more 
demanding than film as we have seen. I'd be looking for a lot of new 
R lenses,

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