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Subject: [Leica] Leica R-10 at Photokina 2008
From: wildlightphoto at (
Date: Thu May 8 09:09:10 2008

Frank Filippone <> wrote:

> Makes you wonder..... how much bigger than 24x36?  25x37?

Earlier rumors suggested a 22MP sensor that would be effectively 16MP when
cropped to 24x36mm.  16MP @ 24x36mm is about the same pixel density as the
DMR.  At this density a 22MP sensor could be 33x36mm, not quite square, or
about 32x37mm for 4x5 proportions (100% pure organic speculation).

Image circle requirements for the various (speculative) format, rounded to
the next highest whole mm:

36x36mm needs a 51mm diameter image circle
33x36mm or 32x37mm needs a 49mm diameter image circle

while 24x36mm needs a 44mm diameter image circle

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

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