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Subject: [Leica] Items FS 2 MAY 2008
From: marcsmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Fri May 2 09:30:27 2008

Shipping charges extra
10-day MBG from receipt

Leica Items:

4.5/12cm E Leitz Micro Summar, clean glass, worn body,
         with unknown adapter, E                                         
Box for lens case ETBIX/14565 (50mm Summitar, Summicron,
E                                                              25.00
E Leitz New York small box, marked "73151" (might be a Prewar
         number for an aperture-control device for a taking lens used
         on an enlarger), shop worn, 
E-                                            10.00
Vivitar 252 Flash with M2/M3 cord, 
E                                              25.00
CEYOO Flash Gun, FB, Instruction cards, test 
bulb, E                              50.00
Leitz A36 SL filter, some discoloration, plastic 
keeper, E                        10.00
Leitz Projection Lens Calculator, no Leitz 
number, E (have two copies)            25.00
Original German-language Leicaflex SL-2 Brochure, the suppressed
         ?Nipple' version, Leitz Brochure 111-102, 9/74, E
         (have four 
copies)                                                        40.00
Morgan, Willard D., Henry M. Lestr, et alii.  The Leica Manual.  Reprint
         of 1st (1935) edition.  Dobbs Ferry, New York: Morgan &
         Morgan, 1977.  ISBN 0-87100-118-7.  DJ, 
E+.                       30.00

Zeiss and Zeiss-Ikon Items:
4.5/4.5cm Carl Zeiss Jena Mikrotar 227936, does not
properly                                                          150.00
Voigtlander Zoomar Depth-of-Field Calculator, E                           
Lens hood, 37 (?)mm female threads, 391/70, E                             
Lens hood, 40.5mm female threads, 1113, E (20.0704 for Ikonta?)           
Three generic telephoto rear lens caps for 
Contax, 20.0610, E                     20.00 ea
Carl Zeiss S40.5 1m Proxar, 
E                                                     10.00
Carl Zeiss S40.5 1m Proxar, FB and plastic 
keeper, all E                          15.00
Carl Zeiss S4.0.5 0.5m Proxar, FB and plastic 
keeper, all E                       15.00

Rolleiflex Items:
Rollei E15B flash IB, 
E                                                           20.00

Display or Darkroom Items:
Ilford loader for spooling film from 35mm cassette onto
         Ilford Auto-Winder spool,  one spool in box, and
         Ilford Darkroom tank with one Auto-Winder
E+                                                                  35.00
Kindermann 16mm reel in box, 
LN                                            18.00
Nikor 35mm tank w/reel, 
E                                                          20.00

Sekonic Auto-Lumi selenium meter, Model L-158, 
E                                  25.00
Accura Expomat light meter, leather ERC, light cone,
         working condition unknown, 
E                                              20.00
3.5/37.5 Rodenstock-Eutelon cine lens, 4475275, caps, E                   
2X JSK Longar 5314843 cine lens, caps, 
E                                          35.00
Alpa T-Mount Adapter, 
E-                                                          25.00
Sears 8465 tripod, 
E                                                              25.00
Flash Kodaguide, 
E                                                                  5.00
Kodak Projection Print Scale, FB, 
E                                                 5.00
Canon Canonet QL-19 w/case, E                                             
Kodak Jiffy Series II in worn, torn, and 
incomplete box, E                        25.00
Schulz, Alexander.  SPIEGEL-CONTAX.  Lindemann's Verlag 2000.
         E+ condition.  NOTE:  Text is in 
German.                                  20.00
70mm 15 foot (4.5m) cassette, E (I have five for 
sale)                            10.00 each
Graflex 70mm back, 
E                                                              50.00
B+W Series VII 010 Filter, Leitz plastic case, 
E                                  30.00
Agfa Viking, f/6.3 Agfa Viking lens, FB, IB, box shopworn,
E+/M-                                                           15.00
Agfa Readyset Special, Readyset lens, worn and 
torn FB, E-.                       15.00
Kodak Autographic 3A w/B&L f/6.3 No. 4 Anastigmat lens, s/n
         3161263, in Kodamatic shutter, overall condition E,
         but with serious 
leather-peeling                                                  50.00
Kodak Cine-Kodak Eight, Model 25, E+                                      
Kodak Instamatic X-90, 
E                                                          25.00
Kodak Junior Vigilant Six-20, difficulty locking front standard
         into position, 
E-                                                         15.00
Kodak Pocket Instamatic 100, vinyl ERC                                    
Sears Seroco 4" by 5" folding plate camera kit, including camera in E+ c
         ondition (Seroco lens in Wollensak shutter), four film holders,
         two missing dark 
slides                                                         175.00
Seneca Boy Scout 2A, 
E-                                                           12.00

Dark-Room Items:
Schneider 4/50 Componon enlarging lens 9074658, 
E                                 60.00
Schneider 5.6/80 Componon enlarging lens 11840738, M39 adapter, E         

Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!

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