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Subject: [Leica] FS: Leicaflex SL2
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Fri Apr 18 01:01:48 2008
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You'll miss taking them in your hand, pressing the button and hearing 
that soft thunnkk and the subsequent soft mechanical meshing of 
perfectly machined cogs when you wind on , even when there's no film in 
them. The cool feel of precision engineered massive bodywork, almost no 
plastic, a satisfying weight, the simplicity, the perceived excellence 
of the whole camera.
Keep them in a glass cabinet where you can always see them , take them 
out every now and again and simply enjoy the feel of them, the feel of 
love and craftsmanship that was put into them in the days when cameras 
were built and not just assembled - they don't eat anything except a 
little space, and they're always ready to go without thinking about new 
batteries, recharging or whatever.

I often had the same thoughts, but a chrome and a black SL, an SL2 
'50-Jahre' and an SL2 Mot are still only a foot or so from my left 
shoulder as I write (not to mention an R3, R5 and R7).  I began with 
Leicas by thinking upgrade to the next model when it comes out, and use 
the previous model to part-pay for it - it never worked.
Best from Hannover
Douglas wrote:
> someone please talk me out of doing this!
> My Leicaflex SL2 bodies are not getting any play time.  Sitting on the 
> shelf is BORING and will give them arthritis...  but I don't see myself 
> using much film any more.
> Here's what I've got:
> a) Leicaflex SL2, silver chrome, CLA'd about 3 years ago by Leica USA with 
> meter re-calibrated for 1.5-volt silver-oxide battery.  Also has SL-type 
> microprism viewscreen (no split-image thingie).  Has minor crapes and rub 
> marks, no significant dings.  Not a shelf queen, a splendid user.
> b) Leicaflex SL2, black chrome, CLA'd last year by DAG.  Also has 
> re-calibrated meter and SL-type viewscreen.  As with the silver chrome 
> body, it has minor wear and rub marks.  A great user.
> Neither camera's meter needle illumination lamp is working, but this might 
> be a battery issue.  The SL2 meets the old Leitz standard for toughness.  
> US$700 for either body plus shipping.  Or talk me out of this.
> Doug Herr
> Birdman of Sacramento
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