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Subject: [Leica] Leica R lenses and Olympus E-510
From: richard-lists at (Richard Man)
Date: Tue Apr 15 14:15:40 2008
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At 08:12 AM 4/15/2008, F??elix L??opez de Maturana wrote:

>>The APS-C sensor is not a whole lot bigger than 
>>the 4/3 sensor, especially on the vertical 
>>height dept. Any noise complaints about 4/3 can be applied to APS-C!
>Actually this is not exact. A nikon D300 or a 
>Canon 40D produce images cleaner at 1.600 ISO 
>and beyond, than even the Olympus E3 cannot 
>match. The Nikon D3 -24x36mm that is true- can 
>go - with ugly images- up to ISO 25.600 but has 
>ISO 6.400 pictures never seen before.

A wise saleperson told me this: if I buy the E-3, 
I'd regret at times that I don't have the D300, 
but I have bought the D300, I'd regret that at 
times I don't have the E-3. So it goes. If the 
D300 and 40D produce cleaner images at ISO1600, 
chances are it's the firmware and other reasons, 
rather than pure sensor size that's the factors. 
Think of the D200. The D300 blows that away too, by all accounts.the

The proof is in the pictures. I shot about 5000 
frames at 3 concerts. The hit rate is probably 
around 1/20, for acceptable pictures. Would I 
have done better with the D300? I doubt it. Would 
I have loved to shoot at 1600 at times? I did, 
and the RAW converted images are just fine. Heck, 
I even shot at ISO2000 and 3200 for a few frames. 
Do I love those Zuiko Digital glass? You betcha. 
Edge to edge sharpness, same goes with the fisheye.

We can argue until GB's cows come home about 
which camera is the best, but unless you are 
actually shooting pictures with them, then they are just the best 

// richard (This email is for mailing lists. To 
reach me directly, please use richard at 

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