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Subject: [Leica] George Zimbel
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri Apr 11 14:31:42 2008

>> He has showed the Marylin Monroe negatives on the Billy Wilder famous
>> film, these negatives from 1954 was inmaculate and he said "if
>> tomorrow I go in my darkroom" they will print as well as 54 years
>> ago".
>> Somebody think that we can say the same with the actual digital media
>> in 2062?. I don't know, I will be not probaably there to verify it!
>> Saludos cordiales
>> Luis

Its great going back to an old negative and printing them again.
You're a better printer now. You've got a better enlarging lens. Better
enraging head. You've got your trays all lined up in a neat row better than
ever. And the papers are better.
And your negative has PROBABLY not deteriorated noticeably if its black and
But there's no definite about it.
Most people in 40 years will come across packet of negs which didn't get
washed right. Was hypoed in hypo well past its prime.
And if its color and Kodachrome maybe its also for the most part intact as
much as your Tri X. if its anything else you can forgetabout it?
Have you shot nothing by Tri X and Kodachrome in the past 50 years?
Me I've deviated from time to time.
Prints fade a lot faster than negatives but negatives fade too - every day
every minute just like prints.
Of the pluses and minuses digital has vs. darkroom this is a big plus.
You may have a slight preference for the look of silver over pigment but a
big preference for virtually permanent non fading media; so that's the route
you take.

Your digital negative will not be 1 percent less well off in the year 2525.

Mark William Rabiner

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